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Updated 12th April 2014


The Frangipani Man


Welcome to my website, this is not a sales site, I decided to set this up after receiving hundreds of emails/phone calls asking for help, everything in these pages is free to everyone. Inside you will find lots of pages with all sorts of helpful information, if I have missed anything just let me know. I am now based in Thailand(but still travel back to Australia) and have land here where I grow my cross pollination stock plus all my seedlings, the climate here speeds up the result times enabling me to produce new varieties quicker using all of the best genes possible.  All the flower pics I use in these pages are growing in my grove, I have over 250 varieties(best of the best) so it is a bit hard to put up pics of them all but I will try to as each one blooms. There are varieties from Australia, some of which are exclusive to Frangipani Grove(Tom's and my personal collection), thai varieties from the top growers here as well as other varieties from the USA.

I have sub sections on some pages that include more specific information and more detailed pics for those that are interested in trying to do some of the more specialist work, look at the bottom of the pages for the links. There is also a page on sellers, both on Ebay and in Australia, I will also try to add growers from nurseries around the world as well. On these pages you will find the ones I recomend you avoid as well as those that are reliable and trustworthy. I have been very open about it and I do criticize some of the well known growers that are no quite forthright and honest with what they advertise plus they have extreme prices on some varieties. I watch the sellers on ebay and continually add the ones that are using photoshopped pics and straight out lies to try to sell people their goods so the list should be reasonably up to date at all times, if I miss any sellers please let me know.

There is a page linked to Amazon for frangipani books, these books are at realistic prices and even with post they work out cheaper than buying them in Australia, I have listed 3 that I have and recommend but there are others listed on Amazon as well. I also have links to businesses I used when I was in Australia as well as some great frangipani associations and farms. I will have a download page with all the information needed to do the technical work yourselves so you have it on hand too. All the topics I have covered in these pages has been used or developed by myself over quite a number of years so I know that it works. If you have any queries or have any problems with your own frangipani simply email me at and I will answer as soon as possible.

 My name came about from everyone that has asked for my assistance over the years, they told all their friends that if you need help just ask Dennis the frangipani man and it has stuck, I love working with these plants and I hope this site will give you all the information and help you need too.

I have also recently finished a new  website full of frangipani pics of all varieties from a to Z with noids(no identification) and seedling pics as well as an AKA list. The website is, click on this highlighted text & it will open the website. I will update the new website as more photo's become available.


All work and photography in these pages is my property and as such is copyrighted, my permission is needed for any reproduction