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My Thailand Work


This is the growing area I have developed since moving here last July(pic taken in October, 2012). It started out as a vacant block(bottom pic is the continuation of the land that I cleared to show what it was like before I started), I had to clear it, put up a fence, put water on, build the growing area up(5 trucks of soil mix) then dig all the holes and plant my frangipani. I have bought 220 odd frangipani from local growers/nurseries, taken cuttings from ones we found in the area and have brought close to 80 from  Frangipani Grove in Australia, all up over 300 frangipani and 250 varieties. I have already started to do my cross pollinations and have 9 seed pods already developing, I hope to have a lot more by the end of the year. I also have around 600 seedlings growing and room for another couple of thousand from my own cross pollinations. It is hard to find the basic things over here, tools, fertilizer, additives etc need to be really searched for, I have already had to buy things from the US, Korea, Australia as well as the UK to get started and I am getting fertilizer delivered from almost 1,000 kilometres away, it is made naturally so there are no chemicals.

I will keep updating this section as I go(all the other sections as well).


Panorama pic of the frangi's, just over 350 at the moment(April 9th 2013)


 November 25th, 2013,  nearly the end of the rainy season.


2014, the new area.

In may 2014 I started clearing new ground on the other side of Surat Thani at the First Monkey School, I leased a much larger area and started the preparation for planting as can be seen in the 3 pics below.


After this was finished I then started planting out the trees and seedlings. First 3 pics show the bigger area where the seedlings are also planted(pic 3), this side has the tank stand and a well too.  The next 2 pics show the other side with the new shed built and the frangipani heeled in  then with them planted out. The last pic of the flowers was taken just 6 weeks after planting the trees and is just one of each variety on the trees. People are welcome to visit my grove, it is purely so I can continue to do what I love doing, it is not a business but somewhere for me to simply enjoy myself.