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Frangipani Calendar





Frangipani Calendar for Australia


January  28c - 19c

The start of the year is right in the middle of flower time and the heat, we need to make sure that the plants are watered properly, early mornings are best but only when the plants need it, flowers are everywhere. Potted frangi's can need watering a couple of times a day in excessive heat and if they are in a covered area misting the area is also a good idea. Seedlings planted in spring should be ready for re-potting this month as long as they have at least 3 or 4 sets or true leaves plus you should still be feeding your plants to support the flowering, just remember to keep them out of the full sun or they will burn. Grafting can still be done safely and you can be doing cross pollination as well if you want to have a go at it, watch for hoppers and kill as you find them, also keep your eyes out for opening pods, although they should all be just about done by this month.


February  28c - 19c

Watering is still a must, same with feeding, remember if you want good flowers next season they need to be taken care of this season, this is the best month for flowers here, we are just inundated with them unless we have had heavy rain. Seedlings are still ok to re-pot as needed, although seeds can still be raised successfully I stop planting in November/December so that they are strong enough to last through their first winter. Grafting is starting to get towards the end of its season and cross pollination is in full flight. Watch out for rust, spraying can be started as you see the spots start to form, hoppers are still around too.


March  27c - 18c

Watering is still in force, feeding should be slowed down or stopped. This is really the last safe month for most of us to re-pot seedlings as in some states it is starting to cool down, grafting should also be stopped by now as the plants will not have long enough to accept them before the cold sets in. Cross pollination is pretty strong this month, I find this is still a great time here but if you are uncertain of the best time for you simply count back 9 months from when the pods on each tree opened and that is roughly the best time to try it again, just allow a period either side though. Rust is on top of us all except for those that are lucky, treatment and removal of leaves needs to be in full swing to control it, you may still find the occasional hopper as well.


April  25c - 15c

Watering should be slowed right down if not stopped by now, grafting has finished, still a bit of cross pollination but it may be too late to set successful pods with winter almost on us. Seedlings should be tucked away and potted plants are almost ready to be put under cover in the colder areas. Rust is right on top of us now so you should be removing infected leaves and bagging them plus spraying with your preferred rust treatment. Powdery mildew can also be starting up around this time with the moisture, I would also be making sure expended inflo’s are removed, simply hold the branch in your hand and push the inflo with your thumb, if it is ready to drop it will just come away leaving a nice heel, if it just bends leave it a bit longer but don’t forget it.  I start to remove all the inflo’s here this month due to our particular problem.


May  22c - 12c

Southern states are in cold mode, potted plants should be under cover along with the seedlings. Watering shouldn’t be happening and all other activities should also be stopped by now. Rust is still around in the northern areas, inflo’s that have finished should be removed as per April.


June  20c - 8c

All the plants should be asleep now, check for rot occasionally, other than this it should be a quiet time, watch for pruning of plants in pots and add tiny amounts of water as needed.


July  20c - 8c

Same as June, not much to do, keep an eye out for rot, if you are prone to frost and have plants in the ground remember to protect the tips over the suspect nights, watch for pruning of stems.


August  21c - 9c

Last month of winter, watch for black tip/rot, northern states can start to get their plants ready for spring, southern states need to be mindful of pruning still, I am running around getting all the seed planting gear ready, spring is almost here and in the far northern areas pods can start to open


September  23c - 11c

Spring at last, seeds are starting to be sown in the northern states/areas, watering is spasmodic and the plants can be fed to fire them up for the new season.  Rot and black tip is still a problem in some areas, seedlings can be checked over to make sure they are ok along with any other potted frangi's and they can be put back out in the sun if frost danger has passed. Pods can start opening this month in most locations, sap flow should be improving so grafting isn't far away either and neither is taking cuttings. Re-potting can be started this month as the frangi's will shoot away once they are in fresh mix and have a good feed and water, we are busy planting out last seasons seedlings now as they are big enough to handle it plus they will rocket off being in the ground.


October  25c - 13c

Watering is getting a bit more regular, feeding is back in action and with the sap flow grafting can be started up again along with the taking of cuttings. Seed planting should be just about right in all states with last months seeds  shooting away. Flowers should be around in the northern states/areas and pods are still opening. Potted frangi's should be getting full sun again. Re-potting is still in force as needed and so is planting out seedlings here.


November  26c - 16c

Watering is a regular thing again now same with feeds, seeds are still being planted and the first lot are gaining in size. Grafting is in full swing, cuttings can be potted as they become ready or taken from trees.  The trees are starting to leaf up strongly, if you suffer from rust you can trim some of the leaves from the branches for better air circulation. This also helps them to resist broken branches when we have strong wind & rain together by reducing the weight factor, staking individual branches also helps. Cross pollination is just about ready to start up this month with all the new flowers and the hoppers are starting to graze too so keep an eye out for them.


December  27c - 18c

Christmas is upon us, year went too quick once again. Watering is back in full flight along with the feeding, grafting is going great too, cuttings are still being taken and planted. Seeds can still be planted but usually I don’t like going past the second week, some of the seeds planted in September are ready for re-potting. Cross pollination is humming along and pods are still opening up so if you are going to plant the seeds do it now. Leaves can still be trimmed to keep the good air circulation although some of us will have the first signs of rust later this month. Hoppers are still eating flowers and leaves, great practice for your reflexes trying to catch them between your thumb and finger, keeps us nimble. Flowers are abundant and the scent is beautiful, photos are in full force as you try to outdo everyone else. Really start to wonder where the year went.....


This is the yearly calendar for Frangipani Grove just outside Ballina in northern NSW, you may need to adjust it for your area and temperatures, I have listed our local average temps for each month to give you a better idea for your own region, we do get up into the 40's over summer and down as low as 2c over winter.

© Dennis