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Common Terminology

Often when you hear frangipani growers talking about their plants they will use terms you are not familiar with, on this page I will try to sort that out.


Inflo - this is short for inflorescence, it is where the flowers grow from, in the following pics you can see one just starting and another ready to flower



False Inflo/Falsie - frangipani branch after flowering, sometimes they are not able to flower but they will push a false inflo so that they can still branch, as in these two examples.


Claw/Clawing -  This is when new leaves start to form at the top of a growth tip, the following pics show them from the side, top and with one opening up.


Petioles - when you need to trim or remove leaves you should leave a small piece of the leaf stem(petiole) on the plant and let it dry and drop off naturally, removing the leaf by simply ripping it off can leave an open wound  which in turn can leed to an infection in the plant. The following pic is what a plant should look like after removing leaves, the petioles stand out very easily.


Pedicile/Peduncle - These are the stalks to the flowers, pedicile is the stem just below the flower and the peduncle is the thicker one it joins on to.


Colour Bleed - This is something that happens with heat to flowers on a healthy plant, they will get a blood like colour bleed in some petals on some flowers, rarely the whole tree. There are some that think this is Frangipani Mosaic Virus(FMV) but I have had a colour bleed frangipani analyzed and it was clear of any virus. If it is a virus it does it every year and the leaves will also get dark markings in them, it eventually kills the plant. You can see the bleed in the following pic. I liken it to a nose bleed caused by hot weather in people, it doesnt happen to all of us but it does happen to some.


                                                                 Partial   Glossary


The following  is a small glossary of more terms used in regards to frangipani.

Anther - Male reproductive part that produces/holds the pollen.        Cambium - the layer between the wood and the bark(outside covering).

Chimera - A mutation due to a DNA variance in a part of the plant.      Cotyledon - The embryo leaf of a seed/seedling.

Cross Pollination - Using the pollen from a second cultivar to pollinate the parent plant.    Cultivar - the resulting plant from a pollination.

Self Pollination - When the pollen that fertilizes the frangipani is from the same plant. This can be deliberately done using a piece of fishing line etc or by very small insects.

Graft - when a new tip section(scion) is joined to the rootstock using either a flat, v or angled cut, provided the cambium layers line up at least partially they will become one plant. This can be a single colour  or multiple colours on a tree.

Bare rooting - this is when a frangipani is removed from its growth medium and the roots are washed clean so no particles/foreign matter  remain, this is necessary when the plant needs to be imported/exported.