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Florida Society Files

Florida Society Files


The following pages are the files from the Florida Plumeria Society which is a credit to the hard work  of Don Herron. They are a collection of the work and designs of several members who have donated their knowledge to help others.



Down Grafting by pictures:




Scent Chart

Thanks to Clare Corre for this great composition!!!!!

Here's a list of cultivars grouped by fragrances that I compiled. Bear in mind that it is a work in progress and that fragrance is subjective and that these groupings were compiled from opinions of the plant owners.

Lemon/Citrus/Fruity Scent:

Apricot Delight - lemon
Aztec Gold - peaches
Bill Moragne - grape Kool-Aid
Celadine - citrus
Cool Aid - grape Kool-Aid
Duke - fruit punch
Dwarf Deciduous - lemon, strong citrus
Intense Rainbow - peaches
Keane - lemon
Kimo - lime
Lemon Chiffon - strong lemon, sweeter than Singapore
Lemon Drop - lemon scent
Pink Kiss - Apricots, Sweet Olive
Pink Pansy - grape Kool-Aid
Singapore - lemon, bitter lemon
Thornton Lemon Drop - lemon scent
Wave Rage - strong, sweet, and fruity

Classic Plumeria Scent:

Emerson's Pink Nova - very mild

Samoan Fluff

Gardenia Scent:

Charlotte Ebert
Dieudonne - mild
Gardenia - mild
King Kalakaua - mild
Tahitian Sunset - mild
Tomlinson Pink - Gardenia/Magnolia
Treasure Isle - mild

Floral Scent:

Dean Conklin - carnation
Gold Coast Peach
Just Peachy
Magnum Opus
Nellie's White - strong honey scent
Ruby Gold
San Germain - honeysuckle
Venezuelan Snowball - strong honeysuckle
Blush Pink - strong

Rose Scent:

Charlotte Ebert
Guillot's Sunset
Jeannie Moragne
Pink Parfait
Vanda Ruffles
Vera Cruz Rose, stronger than Guillot's Sunset

Miami Rose

Coconut Scent:

Barry's Orange Pink
Charlotte Ebert
Miami Rose
Nellie's White - jasmine to coconut
Scott Pratt - spicy coconut

Spicy Scent:

Cancun Dreams - mild
Cancun Pink - cinnamon
Grove Farm - nutmeg
India - nutmeg
Kauka Wilder
Kimo - fresh ginger
Negril - cloves
Scott Pratt - spicy coconut
Sundance - strong sweet cinnamon Dentyne Gum


Strong Unique Scent:

Bali Whirl
Grove Farm
Lemon Chiffon - strong lemon
Mele PA Bowman
Ruby Gold
San Germain - like honeysuckle
Venezuelan Snowball - strong honeysuckle
Wave Rage

Most desirable plumerias for fragrance:

Aztec Gold
Bali Whirl
Charlotte Ebert - hint of almond
Daisy Wilcox
Espinda - exotic tropical
Gold Coast Peach
Grove Farm
Loretta - exotic tropical
Mele PA Bowman, like Singapore but stronger
Miami Rose
Pink Pansy - Cotton Candy

Samoan Fluff

No scent or very little scent:

Fiesta Rainbow
Pudica - no scent
Puu Kahea

Slaughter Pink

Spidery Yellow