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Blackwall Latica Rose(one of my babies)

Frangipani or plumeria(botanical name) are originally from South America, Mexico and the West Indies. They were introduced to the rest of the world by missionaries, where ever they went they took these beautiful plants. They liked the new climates of the islands and tropical regions where they were taken and have now become a part of the culture in these regions. 

Originally there were only a few basic colours but in the 1950’s an Hawaiin pineapple grower decided to try cross pollinating them, Mr Bill Moragne crossed Scott Pratt(red) with Daisy Wilcox(pink/white). When the seed pod developed and eventually opened he planted the seeds and was rewarded with 283 seedlings, he kept some to grow on  himself, naming them after family members and gave the rest to friends. Today the Moragne family of frangipani contain some of the best colours & form available to growers and are a must have for the serious collector.


Below are the species of frangipani recognized and accepted for import into Australia by AQIS(DAFF). When importing seeds  from overseas you need to have the names(Genus & Species) as set out below listed on both the individual seed packets and the outside of the envelope or they will be seized and destroyed. Plumeria rubra are usually the ones most people buy but a few of the other varieities are sometimes imported as well.  There are more species than this but these are the only ones allowed into Australia at present.

 Plumeria acuminata,  Plumeria acutifolia,  Plumeria alba,  Plumeria barahonensis,  Plumeria jamaicensis,  Plumeria obtusa,

Plumeria obtusa var. sericifolia,  Plumeria obtusifolia,  Plumeria pudica,  Plumeria rubra,  Plumeria rubra f. acutifolia,  

Plumeria rubra f. tricolor,  Plumeria sericifolia,  Plumeria stenopetala,  Plumeria stenophylla,  Plumeria tricolor