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Ebay, Amazon & Etsy Sellers


 Nurseries, Ebay, Etsy & Amazon Frangipani Seeds, Seedlings, Cuttings & Grafts 

In recent years Ebay & now Amazon as well as Etsy have become a mecca for frangipani cuttings, grafts, seeds and seedlings  with them being bought from all over the world. Although a lot of new growers think that this is great for them in reality it has become a very big rip off industry/get rich quick scheme. Unfortunately not all these sellers are honest and reliable, in fact there is only a small percentage that I would recomend. Quite a few use photo shopped pictures or even other peoples photo's,  I have even had my own photos used and renamed in the hope of generating better business. Sellers(Australian especially) buy their seeds from Thai/overseas sellers that in a lot of cases use suspect pictures and info then resell to the Australian public as seeds or seedlings, same with other countries. Most of these sellers have no general knowledge on frangipani apart from what they are told yet claim to be expert growers, again most never actually grow these seedlings out  to flower as they are only interested in the quick buck so they try to sell them as young as possible, usually from around 2 months old. They also use questionable truth by saying that you will get a fantastic new variety or that some will be the same as the parent, both these statements are not really honest. You may get a new variety but it is usually plain, occasionally you will get something reasonable and very rarely you will get something outstanding, usually around 1 in a thousand. As probably the biggest seed grower in Australia I can vouch for this as I actually grow seedlings until they flower and usually plant over a thousand seeds a season if not more. The "same as the parent" statement is also not totally honest, you may get similar to the parent if you are lucky but to get something identical is impossible due the the amount of genes in a frangipani, they have more than a human so every seed can be different. I try to use deliberate cross pollinated seeds as these are the ones that can produce higher quality flowers, most on ebay are just selfed or natural pollinated ones so they are not that reliable.

These days they are also trying to sell cuttings and grafted pieces although most are just cuttings as this is a lot easier for them to do. They advertise false colours and made up names usually when the majority of the cuttings are actually a common white that they just cut off trees in the street or other people houses. Before buying any "new" fancy coloured frangipani you should ask experienced growers if they are real as the vast majority are simply photo shopped pics to lure unsuspecting buyers.

There are however some good sellers on ebay etc, I will make a list of reliable sellers that I personally recomend and have used or still use, I will also list those that are suspect. One of the big give aways are the photo's, these days some of them are just so obvious to an experienced grower, lately there have been some photoshopped blues being listed that are just so fake, I have even asked the sellers to supply an address so that I can have the colour verified but as expected they go silent and do not answer me or get abusive. Buyers must really be aware of these fake colours, again, if you are unsure ask an experienced grower, we are always ready to help any new frangipani growers.

You must not take anything some of these sellers say as gospel, they lie to get people to buy and quite often sell inferior seeds & seedlings, they are also usually only interested in turning a profit so they do not practice good quality ethics. I refuse to release seedlings that have not been through their first winter as this is the hardest thing for them to do, once they have over wintered succesfully they will usually go on to be a strong growing plant, as for flowering, it usually takes more than 2 or 3 years, I regularly get flowers in 18 months or sooner but this is not normal  for them, some can take 5 years plus to produce their first flower, some will simply never flower at all. Also remember that they flower a lot sooner when planted in the ground than in a pot but not until they have over wintered first. The reason these sellers release the seedlings so young is because they are doing it in their backyards and do not have the room to simply grow out so many, therefore they sell them as soon as they have developed 2 or 3 sets of true leaves which is simply too young to guarantee their success but it also means that the seller does not lose as many themselves and can turn a quick profit.

One Australian nursery that was listed here, Sacred Gardens, is finally able to be removed as they have taken down their wrong/misleading information on certain varieties although Gina/Jeena originated in Thailand, not the US, also Jeannie Moragne Jr is available from Thailand and has been for many years. You will find that good thai growers actually put "thai" in front of varieties that are not the original ones as in "thai" Lurline( a great flower) and "thai" Duke. Sacred gardens do have many great varieties, this has never been an issue, if you don't mind their pricing  they can supply some of the rarer varieties.

 King Adenium, AdeniumCenter and Adenium Seed Importers(WA) are selling seeds from named varieties but are renaming them from their true names and also are adjusting the pics  to brighten them, this is not good and buyers need to be aware that they are actually selling varieties already on the market, none are new just renamed.

Another problem we are seeing on the internet these days are the so called experts giving out information and doing  "how to" videos. The biggest dud is Jacob's Plumerias, he does so many videos that are just so full of garbage and bad information, if people actually follow them they may well kill their frangipani. He knows very little about frangipani, his facts are just completely wrong and he lacks the knowledge needed to help people. What he does is purely to get a following and to help him sell to people and even that is very suspect as he has been caught out previously doing the wrong thing. My advice is do not believe anything he says and to let others know he is not an expert, he is far from it. He reminds me of DJ, the con man from Australia that's was doing frangipani 5 to 10 years ago, people really need to avoid Jacob's Plumerias and spread the word about him. We can only hope as he gets older he realizes his mistakes as he is still very young.

As with all my information on sellers etc on these pages, if those mentioned or people that know them can point out I have made  a mistake or they have changed please let me know as the truth is what is important.



These are all photoshopped pics, if you look on ebay you will see lots more like them in a variety of colours.



The flower above, BEAUTYFULSUN is actually Golden Pagoda, it was listed due to the wrong name it has been given by the seller, not because it is a photoshopped colour. The photo is being used without the owners permission in the hope of fooling buyers with the fake name.



Sellers I do NOT recomend on Ebay, Amazon & in Nurseries plus Facebook, this is also  Heavenly Cuttings, it is registered to James Klaymeier, in Brandon, Florida and he is using stolen copyrighterd pics that have been photoshopped  to sell fake plants. He is claiming to be able to create colours through laboratory work which is a total lie, he simply steals other peoples photo's and changes the colour with software programs, they are all fake.

Luke Whiteside, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii               

HeavenlyCuttings (Allan Shunto) trading on ETSY, he uses photo shopped pics that are fake, some are definitely stolen from genuine sellers and then had the colours changed. 

                                The Plumeria Hut : have been a lot of customers that have lost their money, have not received  transaction reversals after cancelling the transaction/unfulfilled orders and received poor service generally.

                Jepunbali(This seller is advertising frangipani he does not have and using other peoples pics, on a website & facebook)

                Tyrone Haddon(Aust. is claiming to have some of my varieties and using my pics without permission)

                Wendy Darling(Bidding Wars)                              


                vikingqueen46, (Aust)

                goods.happy, (Aust)

                shop-sell, (Aust)

                nrwood.cactus, (Aust)

                frangipaniman915, (Aust)

               DJsWay aka Frangipanigardens on ebay, (Aust Nursery)

               Down the River 43(Aust)

               Give it to Me 1969 aka frangipani fantastica, (Aust)

               Rare Seeds and Plants(Aust)


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               Workshop Thailand

               Thai Perfect Gems

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                 Dealgarden 2011

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               Siam Flower Lover


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