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I have been growing frangipani/plumeria for quite a number of years now. During that time I have developed my own methods of growing and the way that these plants are treated/worked with. I have experimented quite a bit to find the best methods of seed germination, rooting up, cross pollination, grafts etc as well as treatment for different diseases. I am a member of the Plumeria Society of America(PSA), I do talks and demonstrations with these brilliant plants around Australia and thoroughly enjoy working with them as well as talking about them. Frangipani have become a passion for me, within the first 12 months of starting with them I had around 600, I was achieving better seed germination rates in Geelong, Victoria than a lot of other states in Australia using my own procedures and this has just kept developing. I prefer to grow my frangipani from seed as it is the only way new varieties can be introduced, to further this I also do my own cross pollination.  I am always ready to help and advise everyone on the best methods to use to grow and treat these great plants, anyone requiring advice or help simply need to email at and I will only be too happy to do what I can.

In the following pages you can find advice on everything frangipani, from growing seeds to pollinating and making leis, if you cannot find what you need to know just email me.

I am now living in Thailand so that I can get better and quicker results with my frangipani work(cross pollination etc) but I will still be updating all the information on this site.

All photos/images and written information in the following pages is copyrighted, anyone wishing to use any of it needs to ask for my permission to do so.