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Internet Links

Here you will find different people I personally recommend or use.

Frangipani sales
  • Thai Frangipani
  • This is my Thai workshop where I do all my cross pollinations etc, I can take orders for specific cross pollinations, supply already cross pollinated seeds as well as my unique bare rooted seedlings, cuttings and grafts. I can also supply all the top varirties of thai frangipani and their seeds at great prices as well. 
  • Frangipani Grove
    Frangipani Grove is becoming the largest frangipani farm in Australia, although there are a number of named vareties they specialize in seed grown plants so that they can produce unique frangipani. Although cuttings are available most specimens are sold as trees of various sizes ready to be planted in your garden. Flowers and leis are also available during the growing season.
  • Coral Coast Frangipanis
    This is one of the best collections of frangipani in Australia. It is in Carnarvon, WA and Paula's frangipani are just awesome, I have quite a few here on the farm, her website is very informative and she also sells seeds and other bits and pieces, this is defintiely a must see for frangi lovers.



Frangipani/plumeria associations
  • Frangipani Society of Australia
    The frangipani society of Australia is highly recomended to those that are quite hooked on these plants. it is a great group and is extremely helpful and friendly.
  • The Plumeria Society of America
    The PSA is the world registrar for plumeria/frangipani, if you are a very serious grower this site is very helpful and informative.
  • The Australasian Plumeria Society

    The Australasian Plumeria Society was only started this year but has already gained members from around the world. It is free to join and has no hierachy as such, every member has equal say in what they do and what path they follow. Very friendly group and family orientated.

Grafting Tape
  • Bio-Graft Tape

    I love this tape, every graft I used it on this season has taken, I use a normal grafting tape that is 7mm wide first(from most garden shops) to hold the graft together than wrap a minimum of 4 runs the full width of the graft over this with the BT 20 Bio-Graft tape. It seals off the graft and prohibits any fungal or mildew growth and works a treat, this company also sells some great knives as well as a range of wider tapes. It is a NZ based company but the costs are excellent and well worth it.

Frangipani Jewelry
  • Simply Jewelry, Hawaiin Jewelry
    This site has some of the best frangipani jewelry I have come across and I highly recommend it to everyone. I have bought several pieces myself for family members and the quality is excellent along with the prices.